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Allan Little is WoodMan: Woodworker, Educator, Designer, Inventor, Welder & Dog Lover


I have been a professional woodworker since 1985. I live and work in Austin, Texas. Over the years I developed the name WoodMan as I quickly became the “go to” person for many when there was a question about tools, techniques, wood or basic fabrication. Go “Ask WoodMan!” was the common refrain.

Ask Woodman

I have both a business statistics and a math degree from University of Texas at Austin. After a couple years working a desk job in a cubicle I realized that was not the life for me. I am a self-taught woodworker who started making furniture in my apartment. My first tool was a skill saw. In the early 80’s I started my own company. I wasn’t long before I found my niche building high end custom furniture.

Regarding my building style and philosophy, I guess you could call me a reductionist. I don’t know if it’s because of having a math degree or because of my German heritage, but I always consider function before form. It’s no coincidence that some of the most elegant designs I’ve seen and designed are also the simplest.

I have learned from other woodworkers along the way, but most of my techniques I have come up with from necessity. I am excited about sharing what I know and want to show new and experienced woodworkers tips and techniques that I wish someone would have shown me years ago! I hope you find my website helpful.


Allan Little

The purpose of this website is to share my knowledge and experience with other woodworkers and aspiring woodworkers. The goal is to help others be less frustrated, more productive and save time and money in your own woodworking shop. I welcome any and all feedback. If you have questions please feel free to contact me by email: askwoodman@gmail.com.

If you want to watch my video on YouTube you can visit my AskWoodman.TV channel directly.

Special thanks to my wife, Sue Rostvold, who is the computer tech in the family. She specializes in helping people market themselves or their businesses online at www.SocialMediaTherapy.com. Just as Ask Woodman developed over time, so has her title of Social Media Therapist.

I also have two shop assistants. Martin and Papi pictured below. Martin is older and provides more emotional support, where as Papi spends almost as much time in the shop as I do.

AskWoodman’s assistant Martin

AskWoodman’s shop helper Papi