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Welding For Woodworkers

Welding For Woodworkers

Welding For Woodworkers will be an ongoing series of videos. Any time I post another welding video it will get tagged with Welding For Woodworkers and be posted on this site (as well as YouTube) for easy access. Why Welding For Woodworkers? Because I want to show woodworkers that if they can woodwork, they can […]

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verysupercool table saw fence

How To Make A Biesemeyer Style Table Saw Fence

Many woodworkers own a Biesemeyer fence, but even more wish they owned one. The Beisemeyer fence is an elegent design that’s been around since the 1970’s. Even though the company was bought by Delta, this popular product is still known as a Biesemeyer fence. Back in January 2012, one of my YouTube subscribers (and now […]

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